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"I have a busy medical practice including Pulmonary Diseases and Sleep Medicine. QuickClaim has been our medical billing program for over ten years. I find it very user friendly. The main menu or page is very clear, which makes very easy to find what you are looking for. The “Claims” screen, separated into “Pending”, “Outstanding” and “Rejected” is very useful and easy to navigate. We never lost any data, even after several power failures over the last 10 years. The transfer of the entire database from the previous billing program into QuickClaim went very smoothly, as well as the transition from diskette to web-based submission. The best words I can use to describe the program is “reliable and resilient”. Whenever I had a problem or question, the technical staff provided immediate help and followed up until the problem was solved. I recommend this program without hesitation. It has served me well."

Dr. C.H. Rodriguez, MD, FRCPC, ABIM


Since 2006 QuickClaim has been licensed to over 700 organizations in independent clinics, hospital clinics, and medical businesses in Ontario.
QuickClaim’s finesse has the feel of a well thought-out tool.
QuickClaim fulfills many roles, it has been chosen to be used in conjunction with other systems like QuickReq, QuickDOCs and third party systems via HL7 and flat files.

As an added role QuickClaim is used as the offline version of HYPEMedical during rare occasions of Internet failure. As an offline system it runs independent from the Internet.

Is QuickClaim for you?

A decision to use QuickClaim as the primary OHIP billing platform is usually made by users who want to work offline, independently from the Internet.

Some QuickClaim users also manage their patient documentation with QuickClaim’s EHR –  QuickDOCs.

And lastly, while QuickClaim as an offline desktop software requires an upfront purchase, it does not have a compulsory monthly fee. 

QuickClaim's One time purchase price:

  • QuickClaim Full License is only $2119 (one-time fee).
  • Need 2 or more computers to have QuickClaim …   No problem… QuickClaim is Network-able. QuickClaim Network License is $899 (one-time fee).
  • Need to upgrade to QuickClaim 3.1.4 … Upgrades from QuickClaim 2.x to QuickClaim 3.1.4 are $899 (one-time fee).
  • SureClaim clients,  purchase QuickClaim at a reduced rate of $1899  (one-time fee).
  • An upgrade to HypeMedical, QuickClaim’s online version, is FREE
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