HYPEMedical Instructions

Goals for contents below:

HYPEMedical updated automatically. There are no goals/tasks for HYPEMedical users to perform, other then bill.

A note about billing K083A:

When you bill a service of A195A, after seeing the patient in your clinic, the grand total is $215.65*
To convert to K083A for a COVID19 service over the phone round $215.65 to the closest multiple of $5 which is $215. That means that the equivalent of a A195A at $215.65 is a K083A for $215.
However a single service of K083A is $5, then on the claim form you will bill 43 services of K083A ($5) for a total of $215.
*$ Amount used for A195A became effective April 1, 2020

Doctors providing OTN services can continue to do so. Keep in mind that the OTN service codes were replaced effective April 1st with two new tracking codes. Bulletin 4750.

A note about new OTN billing:

$0.00 Hosted video visit – patient attending at a patient host site
Synchronous video visits with a patient who is physically located and supported at a patient host site during the clinical encounter.

$0.00 Direct-to-Patient Video Visit
Synchronous video visits with a patient in the home or another location of their choice (i.e. the patient is not at a patient host site).

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