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A note about billing K083A:

When you bill a service of A195A, after seeing the patient in your clinic, the grand total is $215.65*
To convert to K083A for a COVID19 service over the phone round $215.65 to the closest multiple of $5 which is $215. That means that the equivalent of a A195A at $215.65 is a K083A for $215.
However a single service of K083A is $5, then on the claim form you will bill 43 services of K083A ($5) for a total of $215.
*$ Amount used for A195A became effective April 1, 2020

Effective Oct. 1st 2021 K300A or K301A must accompany K083A . . . . Read more

A note about new OTN billing:

Doctors providing OTN services can continue to do so. Keep in mind that the OTN service codes were replaced effective April 1st with two new tracking codes. Bulletin 4750.

$0.00 Hosted video visit – patient attending at a patient host site
Synchronous video visits with a patient who is physically located and supported at a patient host site during the clinical encounter.

$0.00 Direct-to-Patient Video Visit
Synchronous video visits with a patient in the home or another location of their choice (i.e. the patient is not at a patient host site).


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