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I am having difficulties with a 5 session Thinstuff Lite Terminal Server licence

The first three sessions are able to connect normally. The fourth connection attempt requires multiple attempts before the remote machine’s log in screen is loaded. Then when the credentials are entered a normal session is established.
For the fifth connection, it is impossible to reach the remote login screen.
I upgraded to the latest version and the licence is run on a Win7 Pro PC.

Okay … as soon as this error happens again – right in this moment:
Right in the moment (Important !!! otherwise we will not get any helpful hint)
 – when this error occurs – please create and upload our diagnostic file TSRP (Thinstuff Support Request Package).

Most of the time this is the fastest and most simple way to analyse 90% of possible server-side configuration problems and errors.
Please run C:\Program Files\Thinstuff\XPVS Server\TSSupportPackage.exe and follow the instructions to upload an error report.

This will take literally just 2 minutes of your time and we’ll hopefully immediately see what the issue is.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.
Best regards
Mona Lippert-Winkel

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