Medical Office for Ontario

HYPEMedical Extensions to Complete Your Medical Office

HYPEMedical HL7

Data entered in one software will be immediately available in all other software packages in your organization. Past work includes IBM Watson Health, diagnostic and hospital systems.

HYPEMedical Report

Graphically map the performance of your patient workflows and Business processes. HYPEReport brings the power of dedicated business Intelligence reporting to your practice.


Point and Shoot; Collect, retrieve and receive patient appoint., demog., treatment and billing data. Online and offline-with-sync. capability.

HYPErChart 2.0

SAVE TIME - SEE MORE PATIENTS. . . . Quickly record and retrieve encounter reports with your own dashboard and database-template designs. Automate hard copy report filing. Mobile and full screen dashboards.

Legacy Medical Office

Hands down, the Fastest & Easiest Desktop (offline) OHIP Billing and Practice Management software.
Click to download & install.


Networked & Off The Internet

Isolated and protected (HYPERVault) it is also a  launch-pad to HYPEMedical and a backup to HYPERChart-our online EMR.
The QuickClaim/QuickDocs suite installs locally on your office server. 

On-Site Protection

HYPErVault protects our clients’ medical offices as it does our office.
In partnership with GravityZone and Solarwinds, the best in cyber-protection and off-site-backup, is on your side.

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