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Medical OHIP Billing & P.M. – Online

Used and loved by over 1,200 Ontario physicians, in billing agencies, small and large multi-location clinics and hospitals. Read on to explore HYPEMedical via our Knowledge base . . .


The Two Major Capabilities that differentiate us from other EMRs and billing systems

Why Specialists love HYPEMedical

We believe that no one software vendor is an expert at everything.


That is why our OHIP billing system, HYPEMedical, is a fully compatible HL7 application.

HL7 compatibility allows HYPEMedical to exchange data seamlessly with specialist HL7 EMR/EHR systems and diagnostic equipment.


Freeing Ontario specialists to use the EMR of their choice. 




A Heavy Duty Business Intelligence Reporting Engine

Translate vast amounts of data into meaningful information about patient workflows, business processes, and resources such as doctor per group per service code comparisons, referring doctor performance over time, ginormous RA reports, and more.

HYPeReport brings the clarity of dedicated business Intelligence reporting to your practice. 

Legacy Medical Office - Offline

Hands down, the Fastest & Easiest Desktop (offline) OHIP Billing and Practice Management software.
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Networked & Off The Internet

Isolated and protected (HYPERVault) it is also a  launch-pad to HYPEMedical and a backup to HYPERChart-our online EMR.
The QuickClaim/QuickDocs suite installs locally on your office server. 

On-Site Protection

HYPErVault protects our clients’ medical offices as it does our office.
In partnership with GravityZone and Solarwinds, the best in cyber-protection and off-site-backup, is on your side.
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