What other actions can I use on the Claims?

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What other actions can I use on the Claims?

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Actions per claim in the Billing Cycle Results tab are available by hovering over the red arrow on the right of a Claim record.

An action will execute in a new tab if you right click it.

Right click to execute an action on a new tab

Edit Claim:Right click to open in a new tab. The claim will open up in the ‘Create Claim’ window for editing. Saving the claim in the edit window will assign it the status of Unsubmitted.

Mark As Unsubmitted: Change the status of a claim from Submitted to Unsubmitted. This will allow the claim to be submitted again.

Submit Claim: A claim in the unsubmitted status can be individually submitted in its own batch.

Mark As Paid: A claim can be taken from its current status to the Paid status. A paid claim that was not reported on an RA as such can thus be marked as paid. The top option Edit Claim also includes an option to edit each claim item’s “paid” amount.

Mark As Closed: A claim’s status can be set to Closed rendering it uneditable. An example would be a service that OHIP will not pay; closing such a claim “as is” will show the financial loss suffered.
Claim Details/Claim details PDF: Right click to open in a new tab. The details window will allow more advanced actions to be applied to a claim.

Claim Details: Claim Details is HYPEMedical`s feature rich audit trail for every event in a claims life cycle. It is a utility that is ideally suited for successful claim dispute resolution with OHIP. Claim Details will produce a compete trail with a single click that is downloadable to a spread sheet.

Patient Profile: Right click to open a new tab for the patient’s profile

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