VHC – SLI Rejection Code

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VHC – SLI Rejection Code

Debbie from Windsor recently emailed us with a question re VHC. All her G310A’s came back with an unknown error – VHC.

We were stumped and OHIP promptly responded to our email regarding the “VHC” error code. Please see below for details.

Effective for claims with service dates of April 1, 2020 and later, when a technical fee is submitted without a Service Location Indicator (SLI) the entire claim will reject to the physician/group error report with the new error condition ‘VHC – SLI REQUIRED FOR TECH FEE’.

This will include both Health Care Provider (HCP) and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WCB) claims. Claims submitted with a service date prior to April 1, 2020, will continue to pay with the ‘W4 – Warning: Service Location Indicator Code Missing’ explanatory code. Out of Province claims are not required to have an SLI code on a claim for a technical fee.

The following is a list of valid SLI codes:

HDS - Hospital Day Surgery
HED - Hospital Emergency Department
HIP - Hospital In-Patient
HOM - Home Visit - Subsequent Patient
HOP - Hospital Out-Patient
HRP - Hospital Referred Patient
IHF - Independent Health Facility
OFF - Office of Community Physician
OTN - Ontario Telemedicine Network
PDF - Private Diagnostic Facility
RTF - Rehabilitation Treatment Facility

Our Take . . .

SLIs were introduced back in October 2006. At that time we decided to be proactive and let our clients know about the new requirement. That resulted in a massive amount of rejected claims. As a result, for the past 14 years our advice has been wait until your (un-SLI’ed) claims are rejected before implementing the change.

This advice has proven itself useful because for the past 14 years the SLI requirement was enforced inconsistently across service codes and our clientele. Proactive billers were penalized by having their claims rejected.

At this time, we recommend that billers submit a small sample of their technical service codes. If these are subsequently rejected then implement the SLI requirement.

SLI field on HYPEMedical’s Claim form

SLI field on QuickClaim’s New Claim form

At this time (May 2020) we believe the SLI code to be used for technical services in community clinics is OFF. Not PDF nor IHF. An old Bulletin did specify OFF as the SLI code for technical fees.

SLI (Service Location Indicator): OFF
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