Temporary Claims

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Temporary Claims

Temporary Claims 

Temporary Claims are incomplete bills that were not yet saved as claims.

The most common creators of temporary claims are users. Typically a user will create a temporary claim when a they realize that they dont have all the information necessary to successfully bill. Temporary claim records allow the user to save their data entry for completion at a later time.

Another source of temporary claims are automated processes such as an upload of a batch file, flat file or an HL7 transactions stream that include patient and procedure data. As HYPEMedical attempts to create claims from the uploaded data, it also runs validation checks. Validation checks ensure that the claim will have the basic components such a billing doctor, service codes etc… If an attempt to create a claim does not pass validation a temporary claim record is created.

To save a temporary claim check mark “Save In Temporary Format” & hit Enter, or click Save

All temporary claims are accessible from the Home page with a click on Temporary Data

Temporary claim records can be sorted thru and billed individually or in groups. Temporary claim records are searchable by User (creator) & other billing specific fields.

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