Some physicians often bill the same patients on the same day of the week with the same service code(s). For example patients that are seen regularly at a certain facility. Ever wondered how efficient it would be to be able to clone that subset of your patients’s past claims with a new service date?

Well, that is exactly what HYPEMedical allows you to do. Now you can clone a selection of past claims with a new service date. Past claims of patient groups can be created according to several common denominators. Common denominators may be a date or date range combined with a facility or location (without a facility number)etc… Once the group and their past claims are identified, the Rebill command clones the past claims with a new service date. Examples of billing services that benefit from the Re-bill tool are repetitive services in pain management, psychiatry and so on.

Select the past claims, choose a new service date and click Yes to create up to five hundred claims with a single click.
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