How do I Print a Receipt/Invoice?

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How do I Print a Receipt/Invoice?

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There are three places in HYPEMedical to print Receipts/Invoices:

Printing receipts, invoices and other statements related to a claim can be performed from anywhere a claim is viewed in HYPEMedical:

  1. Immediately, after saving a direct of third party billing
  2. The claim’s Audit Trail in Claim Details
  3. The patient’s Service History
  1. Print an invoice or receipt right after you save a claim. The commands, in bold text, are enclosed in the “saved claim confirmation” green rectangle.
Printing Invoice/Receipt after saving a claim

2. The claim’s Audit Trail page includes, both, a ‘Print receipt’ and a ‘Print Invoice’ command buttons.

Printing Invoice/Receipt from Claim Details

3. Finally, a receipt or invoice can be printed from the patient’s Services tab.

Printing Invoice/Receipt from Patient Profile
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