How do I bill OHIP?

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How do I bill OHIP?

Here are the basic steps to making a claim:

  1. Click the Claims tab and search or create a patient, hit Enter.
  2. Enter Service codes, hit Enter.
  3. Search or create the next patient, hit Enter; Go to step #2.

Here are the basic steps to making a claim, in minute detail:

Click on Claims to open the Claims window’s Patient Search tab.
The Patient Search tab is used to find or create a patient for whom you wish to make a claim. Hype!Medical provides short cuts to minimize the amount of typing you have to do: you can type in the patient’s ID number, first name, or last name text boxes then click on SEARCH or press Enter.
You may type a first or last name whole or in part [WILDCARD search] then press Enter and all the first or last names beginning with the letters you entered will be displayed for you to choose from. There are other variables for finding a patient such as phone number, email, etc.


In the “Claim Details” form (image above) you may use the Tab, Enter, Arrow keys or mouse to navigate the form and fill in the other boxes. Some boxes, such as that for Referring Doctors, will display a small arrow (▼). These are known as “combo”… or “Pull-Down Boxes”. The Service Date combo box produces, when clicked on, a large monthly calendar. To select a date, click once within the relevant date box (e.g. March 1). If the date you need is not in the current month, clicking on the small arrows (◄or ►) next to the month and year will let you scroll between months/years. Additional calendar features allow you to choose one or more dates per month at a time.

Part of the HYPEMedical billing process is an automated Health Card Validation, Service Code Validation, and patient demographics search/verification on OHIP’s servers (above image). This automated process automatically loads the validation information and the patient’s demographics information onto your Claims Details form.

Saving a claim for a new patient will also automatically save a new patient record, Now bill for the next patient . . .

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