How can I find the claims that OHIP has rejected?

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How can I find the claims that OHIP has rejected?

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HYPEMedical automatically downloads and process your OHIP reports. One of these reports is the Error Report. The Error Report is automatically downloaded approx. 48 hours after you submit your claims to OHIP.

To find your rejected claims:

  1. Hover over the Claims tab and choose Billing Cycle.
  2. Click the blue Rejected button.

Use the same steps to search for your Unsubmitted and Submitted claims.

HYPEMedical’s Billing Cycle is a simple and powerful reporting tool, providing an interface for search and drill-down analysis of all your billing records.

HYPEMedical’s Billing Cycle is simple for its three basic quick searches for UnsubmittedSubmitted and Rejected claims. It is powerful with its many additional search parameters, empowering the user with granular reports and access to each event in a claim’s life cycle. In addition, data in the search results can be custom queried by the user onto dozens of possible report columns. Each column representing values such as “service date”, “service code”, “error file name”, “created by… and.. updated by user id”, etc…

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