Downloading an RA in Raw OHIP Format

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Downloading an RA in Raw OHIP Format

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Did you know that one format HYPEMedical has for downloading an RA is in the same format that OHIP originally released it?

Yes, in addition to the usual RA report in PDF and Spread Sheet formats a raw format may be required. A colleague may need to process an RA on a different billing software. HYPEMedical’s automation of MCEDT means that users can download and share their RAs with colleagues.

Here’s how:

  • Hover over Claims
  • Click on MCEDT Files
  • Click on Remittance Advice Files Tab
  • Click on Advanced Search Options
  • Click on the Doctor Profile drop down arrow
  • Select the doctor
  • Find the RA in the search results and hover over the red arrow to get the context menu
  • Click on Download Remittance Advice File

Keep the file securely in your care.

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