Can I Manage several claims at a time?

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Yes, the actions that are available per claim by hovering over the red arrow in the Billing Cycle Results tab can also be executed on many claims at once.

Glancing at the left side of the Results tab you will notice that each claim item record is check marked. On the top of the results form you will find Bulk Action Buttons, one of which was mentioned above, the “Edit Selected Claims” button. Clicking the “Edit Selected Claims” button will place all selected claims in a queue. The queue will present the user with all selected claims items for editing in succession.
The Additional Bulk Actions bar is shown in the image below.

Execute actions on many claims at a time

MARK SELECTED CLAIMS AS UNSUBMITTED will change the status of Submitted claims to Unsubmitted with a single click. The claims can then be resubmit by the user.

RE-BILL SELECTED CLAIMS will allow the user to clone previously entered claims with a new service date. For example a group of patients with a recurring treatment can be billed with a single click.

MARK SELECTED CLAIMS AS PAID will change the current status of claims to Paid [By User]. For example rejected claims with code 35 can be marked paid with a single click.

MARK SELECTED CLAIMS AS CLOSED will change the current status of claims to Closed. For example partially paid claims can be closed to show a loss/write-off.

SUBMIT SELECTED CLAIMS will submit selected claims that are in the Unsubmitted status (not shown).

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