Billing alerts, reminders and reports?

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Billing alerts, reminders and reports?

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Just like controlling a car it is important to know where your practice is headed as you drive it. This is where the dashboard of quick reports comes in. The dashboard is present on the Home page and is the first thing the user sees when logging in.

The dashboard is a control panel located on the Home page, displaying essential data to navigating your practice.

The dashboard from right to left

For some claims OHIP requires documentation to explain or justify charges. Adjudication is a way to park such claims aside while OHIP processes your support documentation. Claims that require adjudication may require more then 6 months to process for payment.

Un-Acknowledged 7d To 7w
Submission batches are always followed by a batch edit report from OHIP. This Batch Edit report is OHIP’s formal Acknowledgement that your submission batch has been formally received by OHIP for processing. The 7 to 7 report alerts the user to submission batches that have not been acknowledged. The user then has the option to check if the claims in the batch were paid anyways, wait a few days longer or resend the batch.

Un-Resolved 6w To 6m
Unresolved claims are those that were neither fully paid nor manually closed by a user. Examples of unresolved claims are under-paid, unpaid, or rejected claims that are between 6 months to 6 weeks old. These unresolved claims are in danger of being neglected, because unlike the majority of claims they are still outstanding. Claims that are neglected for over 6 months from their date of service most likely won’t be paid.

Today . . .
A list of today’s patient appointments.

Not-Billed ?!
A list of appointments that patients attended but no bill has been created.

No-Shows ?!
A list of appointments that were not updated beyond the Booked stage. Normally patient appointments manually or automatically advance from the Booked stage to stages such as Attended, Billed or Cancelled etc . . .

Reschedule !
A list of future booked patient appointments where the attending doctor or location have become unavailable.

Follow-up !
Patients that were assigned a task with a due date. The task assignment was created in the Patient Edit tab with the followup check mark on the bottom of the form.

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