Archived MCEDT Files

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Archived MCEDT Files

How can I access archived remittance advice files ?

In the MCEDT Files form of HYPEMedical you will find all of the electronic data transmission files under several tabs. These files are your batch submissions and OHIP’s reports (Batch Edits, Error Files, and Remittance Advice files).

Each tab lists its files chronologically, in order to avoid the cluttering effect of old, no longer relevant files. HYPEMedical makes several, such productivity, tools and strategies available to its end users. One of the tools allows archiving of old files.

Once archived files can still be accessed.
In the case of the remittance advice files click on the Remittance Advice tab. There you will find an “accordion” element labelled “Advanced Search Options”. Click “Advanced Search Options” to expand the “accordion”, check mark “Include Archived” and click “Update Search”.

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