HYPEMedical HL7 Testimonial

Client Insight

Ontario Diagnostic Centre

Cris Laszcz, Account Manager​

Why HYPEMedical HL7?

HYPEMedical was recommended to us by our new RIS/PACS solution programmer as Merge is an American company and not OHIP billing ready. It is very user friendly and upfront. With the help of Hype staff we are assured that any concerns are dealt with immediately. The Hype staff is very open to suggestions in order to improve/alter/model the program to my needs.

How do you use HYPEMedical HL7?

HYPEMedical is used daily to submit to OHIP, bill third parties, review submissions, receive remittances from OHIP, create new claims for private billing & create financial reports.

How has HL7 benefited you?

With the help of Hype Support staff and Merge support, HL7 communication was established and programs written to move information from the RIS/PACS system in an orderly manner. Any issues are usually deposited into a temporary account where it can be dealt with. Health card verification is available immediately to ensure accuracy of patient’s billing information.

HYPEMedical HL7 Edition

  1. Real-time, seamless 2 way communication between HYPEMedical & your EMRs & EHRs

  2. Individual patient records made available across a clinic and the globe within seconds

  3. Eliminate duplicate data entry and completely automate your OHIP billing

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