OHIP COVID Codes K300A & K301A

K300A and K301A are COVID tracking service codes. Starting service date October 1st 2021 whenever you bill K080A, K081A, K082A or K083A you must include K300A or K301A.

What is being tracked?

What’s being tracked is how the services were delivered by the doctor. Either the doctor delivered the service using a good ol’fashion phone (K301A) or by Video (K300A).
On the QuickClaim billing system, for example, when you are billing K083A for services that were delivered over the phone you must also include K301A for the same service date as the K083A.
The same billing example with HYPEMedical can be seen in the image below.

What will happen if I forget to include a tracking code with service codes  K080A – K083A?

Your claim will be rejected with the error code VTC – Virtual Tech Code Required
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